Scheme information

Leaving the scheme

The benefits available when you leave the scheme depends on the length of time you were in the Scheme. 

If you leave with less than three months’ pensionable service

You will automatically receive a refund of any contributions you made either personally to CARE or through membership of AA Plus, less any statutory deductions. 

You will no longer have any benefits left in CARE including no lump sum payable on death or spouse’s or dependant’s or child’s pension. 

If you leave with more than three months’ pensionable service

And are aged 55 or below

You will become a deferred member of CARE and your benefits will continue to be revalued annually at the same rate as members who are still contributing. If you have paid AVCs, these will continue to be invested in your personal AVC account.

And are older than age 55

You will have the option to choose either to:

  • Take early retirement and your pension will be reduced; or

  • Become a deferred member and be treated in the same way as a leaver who is under age 55.