AA Pension Scheme
Scheme information

Death in deferment

If you die after ceasing to be a contributing member (a deferred member) of the Scheme having completed at least three months’ pensionable employment, but your pension has not yet come into payment, the following benefits will be paid:

Cash sum

A cash sum equal to the contributions you paid to the Scheme (excluding any AVCs) with interest determined by the Trustee after consulting the Actuary.

The Trustee has discretion as to whom payment is made.

Spouse or dependant’s pension

Your spouse or dependant may receive a lifetime pension, calculated as half the pension you would have received if you had retired the day before you died.

If your spouse or dependant is more than ten years younger than you, the pension may be reduced to take account of their longer life expectancy.

Child’s pensions

A pension is paid to each child (up to a maximum of 4). Each pension is equal to one quarter of the spouse’s or dependant’s.

Pensions may be paid at the Trustee's discretion to children up to the age of 23, if they are still in full-time education.

Please note: Any reference to spouse’s benefits in this section could also apply to a civil partner.