AA Pension Scheme

Did you know that you can transfer your pension to another scheme?

You have the option to start taking your pension from the Scheme when you reach age 55. You can transfer your benefits to another arrangement to provide more flexibility.

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When can I retire?

You can start taking your benefits from the Scheme when you reach age 55. If you’re looking to retire, you need to receive an updated retirement quote. You can do this by logging into your secure online portal. Or you can contact Aon, the Scheme Administrators.

Thinking of transferring your pension? Find out what you’ll need to know to do this securely.

Financial fraud - including pension scams - is on the rise so we all need to be more vigilant. Could you spot a pension scam? Would you know what to do if you were the victim of a scam?

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The financial health of your Pension Scheme

An update on the arrangements in place to support the benefits you have built up in the Scheme

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