Scheme information

Flexible retirement

With effect from 1 July 2017, you are no longer required to retire from work before receiving a pension - as long as you are over your minimum pension age of 55. 

If you are still employed by the AA and continue to build up CARE benefits you can request a transfer of your Final Salary pension benefits to another arrangement. This will be in line with the existing processes that apply to transfers for those who have left employment or the Scheme. Please see the Transfers out section of this website for more information.

If you choose to take flexible retirement, you cannot continue to contribute to, or accrue further benefits under this Section of the Scheme. You will then have the option to join the AA Worksave Defined Contribution Scheme to build up future pension benefits. If you decide not to join the AA Worksave Defined Contribution Scheme you will be automatically enrolled into the AA’s Automatic Enrolment Defined Contribution Scheme in line with legislative requirements.