Scheme information

Temporary absence

Going on maternity/paternity and adoption leave

You will continue to be a member of CARE whilst you are on paid maternity/paternity and adoption leave and your entitlement to pension and life assurance benefits continues as if you were working normally. Contributions will be based on actual pensionable earnings received during that period.

A period of unpaid maternity/paternity and adoption leave will not usually be pensionable.

Lump sum death in service benefits will continue during both paid and unpaid maternity leave.

If you do not return to work after your maternity/paternity and adoption leave absence, you will be treated as having left the AA and your membership of the AA Pension Scheme will cease.

Other family-related leave

Family leave is the right to take time off work to look after a child for example or make arrangements for the child’s welfare and it can be paid or unpaid. Benefits during any period of family leave will be provided as if the member had been working normally except that contributions will only be based on actual pensionable pay received.