Scheme information


Contributions are paid into the Scheme by you and by the Company. For more details click on the relevant button below. 

CARE Age related

Member contributions

You will need to pay a percentage of your pensionable pay each month as a member of CARE. The contributions you pay are determined by the ‘build’ rate you choose on joining. Your contributions are automatically deducted from your pay and you receive full tax relief on them. 

Build rates

You can elect to contribute at any one of five contribution rates.


You can increase/decrease your elected contribution rate and build rate once a year on 1 April by completing a ‘Build rate change form’. This form can be download from the Document library section of the website.

You can view a full list of age-related contribution rates on the Current rates page of this website.

It is not possible to change your elected contribution rate and build rate at any other time.

Company contributions

The Company pays the balance of the cost of providing you and your dependant's benefits under CARE. At least once every three years, the Scheme Actuary examines the Scheme’s finances to determine the cost of providing benefits. The Trustee will then agree with the Company how much it needs to contribute. As a result, the level of contribution paid by the Company may change from time to time.