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Pension reforms expected after Tory majority.

Following the Conservative Party’s comprehensive victory in the general election, sweeping pension system reforms are expected. The Conservative win means it can implement its pension manifest ... Read More

Pensions boosted under proposed living wage

Increasing the national living wage to an hourly rate of £10.50 would result in a pension boost of £333, according to calculations from Quilter (a leading provider of advice, investments and wealth ma ... Read More

Property Vs Pension

When it comes to saving money for retirement, the number of people who prefer property to pensions is on the rise. Property has had some massive growth over the years, and UK house prices ha ... Read More

The high court has ruled that women are not entitled to compensation for state pension age changes

Campaigners have lost a significant legal battle against the Government’s handling of the rise in women’s state pension age. They argued the changes were discriminating against women, but ... Read More

What does 2019 have in store for Pensions?

>State Pension The state Pension is set to rise in April by around £4.25 a week or £220 a year. The full State Pension will now be worth £168.60 a week rising from £164.35 a week – above ... Read More

What lies ahead for pensions in 2019?

>Workplace pension contributions to rise From April 2019, under auto-enrolment rules, the minimum contributions into a workplace pension will increase as follows:Employee contribu ... Read More