I am not in a Scheme and would like to join

Making the decision to join one of the Company’s pension schemes is an important one as it is estimated that many millions of people are thought not to be saving enough for later life.

Joining a pension scheme is a tax efficient way of saving for your retirement and building up an income for when you stop working. Not only that, but joining the Company pension scheme is a good way of getting the most out of your employment with the AA as the Company pays into the pension scheme too.

Note: If you do nothing, after 3 months of starting your employment, you will be Automatically Enrolled into the AA Worksave Auto-Enrolment Scheme (Group Personal Pension Plan (AA GPPP)) in accordance with Auto-Enrolment legislation.

Which Pension Scheme do I choose?

There are currently two pension schemes at the AA for you to choose from.

The detail and links in the below table provides information to help you chose which scheme you may wish to join.

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AA Worksave Pension Plan AA GPPP (Auto Enrolment) 
Administrator Legal & General Legal & General
Type of Scheme Defined Contribution Defined Contribution
Benefit basis Based on your and the Company’s contributions & fund value at retirement Based on your and the Company’s contributions & fund value at retirement
Normal Retirement Age Any age between 55 – 75 Any age between 55-75
Death in service Benefit 4 x salary* and return of fund value Return of fund value
Spouse’s pension on death None None
Contribution rate Member choice of 4% or 5% (you may elect to pay a higher contribution rate) 1% (increasing to 3% in April 2018 and 5% in April 2019)
Employer contribution 6% if Member is paying 4% or 7% if Member is paying 5% or more 1% (increasing to 2% in April 2018 and 3% in April 2019)
For more detailed information… Click www.AApensions.com and click on AA Worksave pension Click www.AApensions.com and click on AA GPPP
How to Join Complete the application form in your starter pack You can choose to opt into this scheme immediately by contacting payroll. If you have not joined either schemes within 3 months, you will be automatically enrolled into this scheme (subject to age and earnings)


*Salary is capped for the payment of pension contributions and Life Assurance. Currently the annual salary cap is £144,000. This figures is reviewed annually.

Please note,

  1. All terms and conditions may change in the future.
  2. All benefits under the Worksave Pension Plan are subject to the Policy Rules.
  3. Proof of health maybe required in you have not joined within 12 months of joining the Company.

Don’t understand and want to talk to someone?

We want you to understand your options, so don’t let this put you off joining a scheme. If you have any questions about the Company’s pension schemes, either before or after you have started working for the AA, please email the AA pensions department at pensions@theaa.com or phone 01256 491003 to speak to a friendly person.

We are not allowed to give financial advice, so if you think you need to speak to a financial adviser www.unbiased.co.uk will help you find professional advice in your local area.